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So, Wait, What am I Again? ·
E. M. Russo ||   

Greetings, may you all welcome this wayward jellyfish.                                                                                             

OK, serious now.  Hello, my name is Em.  I tend to wander a bit, so let's hope these ropes hold.  I'm a college student, though occaisionally it's hard to tell, since I draw instead of do my work half the time.  I'm currently in a strange combination of graphic design and Japanese study programs, but I have done a lot of computer programming in the past.  There is a very good reason why I do not continue, but I do not feel like elaborating on it right now.                                

I've been an avid video gamer since I was 8, and have always been enthralled by the detail put into some characters.  This early fascination is the main reason why I focus so much on character design today.

My first comic, Electric Toast Man , should be up here somewhere by now.  I don't get much time to work on it now, but I should have some more up once I find out where I put my sketchbooks.  I also have a few other projects in progress, but none as far along.  I also enjoy making robots out of cardboard boxes, but this is a discussion for much later.