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Meh, this is actually not the first ETM strip.  Rather, this is actually a remake.  I first started ETM back in 10th grade, right after getting my first real sketchbook (previously, I had just used normal notebooks).  It sucked.  Horrendously.  I got pretty far with it, though, and decided to give the comic another shot.  Needless to say, I'm quite happy with what you see above.

As for the series itself...ETM first came about as a joke between a friend and me.  He once told a really bad German joke - I forget how it went, but I know that the punchline involved an electric toast man in a pool.  Naturally, I went nuts with it, and drew a prototype of what is today Electric Toast Man, our protagonist.  We just made up and got rid of characters as we went, until eventually a series formed.

Ooh!  I almost forgot!  All of my series are drawn in manga format, which means that they are supposed to be read from right to left.  It's not too bad to read this first strip wrong, but the whole backwards thing comes into play right after this.

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