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College Update Schedule - every third maybe.

Two major changes to the first REAL comic. First, I darkened the electricity a bit. I do have a lot of white space in anything I do, so of course everything has to be visible.

Second, as I was coloring this page, I decided to do away with some of said white space. The setting was originally based somewhat on my actual kitchen (at the time - may that microwave rest in peace), but our kitchen has white walls. Eww. So on a whim I threw in that ugly blue there. It actually looks a lot better that way.

Also, I must bring this up again just in case: If you're reading this from left to right, like an American comic book, don't! This comic is written in manga format! Read it from right to left! First is that full-body shot of ETM, then the microwave panel, then the sink panel, and finally that big one at the bottom with the pudding container. I will give no more lessons on how to read this comic.

And finally we have a supporting character.  One day, while still making up stuff for the comic, my friend said, "Aqua Waffle.  A waffle with a water cannon."  My response: "Done."

It should be noted that Aqua Waffle DOES NOT look this fat in the next comic.  This was the last page in my sketchbook at the time, and I got sidetracked for a bit before returning to ETM in the next one.  Somewhere in there, the waffle stopped looking like crap.  Of course, everything I draw eventually gets skinnier and skinnier...If I can find a REALLY old sketch of ETM, I'll see if I can put it up.

This is turning out to be a very blue comic.  Oh well, it looks good.  Contrasts well with the characters.

So with this page I started using a new technique to clean up the lineart.  As a result, it looks quite a bit cleaner, and requires a lot less fixing (though, obviously, it doesn't fix the inking mistakes).  The bad news?  The inked electricity survives now.  This would be awesome if I hadn't decided to put in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT electricity for the first few comics, when the scanner butchered it.

I didn't edit out the old electricity in the fourth panel, though.  I think it just looks better that way.

And see what I said about Aqua Waffle looking different?  He's tall now!

Okay, so I had a ton of pages, including this here comic, all done and colored and ready for the web. Then my hard drive crashed...Yeah. All gone. I no longer even have the PSDs for the first five pages of the comic. I did have to get a whole new computer, since we didn't have a spare drive or any backup disks or really anything other than my stupid portable hard drive.

BUT! We continue at last!

I really hate this page. I will never again use speech bubbles going across entire panels. Of course, this is all old stuff. I do have one heck of a buffer, if I could find time to recolor it all.

And this definately is turning out to be a blue comic. I decided to just kill the white space; it's just better looking that way. Also, it was around this time (in all my bad random comics, not just this one) that I just started inking in the panel borders so that mistakes would be harder to see. I still do that now, so I stopped editing it in Photoshop. The borders are now black. So there. Ha ha.

Wheee, getting new computers up and running is exhausting.  So is graduating college.  And high school at the same time (I would like to give a warm punch in the face to whoever invented post-secondary education).  So now, in addition to fixing up a replacement for my dead computer, I've purchased and am currently enjoying a laptop for real college.


Guess what ended up low on my to-do list?  Oh well.  I really do have one heck of a buffer built up, I just need to find the time to scan and color each page this summer.  (Which, as I'm roughly six storylines ahead by now, will take some time.)


Anyways, as stated by ETM in this page, the storyline my friend and I came up with for the comic was quite dumb and cliché, and will be subject to intense ridicule throughout.  Really, the only reason I kept it at all was because of the three pieces of silverware introduced here, the first characters I really made up without any input.  I also absolutely adore AQW's expression in the second-to-last panel, and I still have yet to draw a better face on anyone else.

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