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So, Wait, What am I Again? ·

College Update Schedule - every third maybe.

I literally have no clue what I'm doing now with regards to college.  I just have that much to get ready before my orientation this weekend.  Ah, well.  Even if Mom grounds me from the computer for being so clueless, I can draw.  Which really does NOT help me catch up online.  I need to sneak some more coloring time.


No, there's really no answer to what side this guy's on.  At least he's figured out how to keep from forming a circuit when shooting ETM.  One thing I'm quite proud of in this comic is how villains/non-villains/cheese devise ways to hit an electrified piece of toast without getting electrocuted in the process.

 I also love the background in the first panel for some odd reason.

Let's just pretend this awful page never hapened.  I do like the FLUDD rip-off in the third panel, as well as how it distorts the text, but the rest of the page was just drawn on a bad day.

Much, much better.  This one turned out decent. 

Also, I decided to quietly kill the floor texture, mostly because it just didn't look good, especially with all he water in this storyline.

And now for a brief turtle invasion.  For some reason, the little green things end up in a lot of strips.  Also, the text formatting in those speech bubbles is horrible.  I guess that's what happens when you want text to be legible.

I did shamelessly rip ETM's main attack right from Mega Man 1; I may not have realized it at first, but I did.  I admit this.  Then again, Elec Man is my favorite robot master, so something was bound to creep in.  And besides, it's far from the last video game reference I toss around.

Now there's getting to be a lot of beige.  Yuck.  At least there's still turtles.


Words written later:

Okay, so I colored this page, submitted it to WCN, then sat back to admire my work.  Just a few minutes after I hit 'Submit', the local news screamed out "This just in, Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital!"  I later learned he died that very day. 

I can kill celebrities by making jokes related to them.  I guess I really should stick to people who are already dead, like Shakespeare.

This is among the wierder comics I've drawn, pretty much confirming that storylines get shot down pretty fast in my hands.  Thanks to coloring this over the weekend, I've taken up the topic of the strange device here and tried to figure out just where I was going with it.  It's not going well.

Also, exit the turtles.  They'll be back if I have anything to say about it.  I just like the turtles.

(I shouldn't have told that Billy Mays joke.  I really shouldn't have.)

Another ripped joke, this time from Ed Edd and Eddy, easily one of the greatest shows of the turn of the millenium.  A show I probably watched excessively around the time this page was first drawn, eek.

And it's the end of a horrible old storyline, yay!  I don't have to color AQW anymore!  Let the craziness commence!

Also, a lot of foreshadowing.  Let me just say that throwaway lines are not in effect in this comic.

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