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College Update Schedule - every third maybe.

And now a new storyline begins, with a non-(medium) blue background.  The black was really my early experiments with black fills, one of my favorite things to do while inking.  Sure, it looks ugly here, but this was early.  The abundance of ice here also lets me go nuts with transparency.

This storyline is also the debut of Cold Pizza, the only truly random character in this entire comic (AQW at least had some connection to reality).  He was yet another creation of the ex-friend/co-creator of the comic, though I really distorted his personality. 

This is pretty much the oldest storyline in the comic, as it's where I started at first.  I did start at the chronological beginning for this remake, but it was originally supposed to start here.

If you get the video game joke in the first panel, good for you.  Have some cheese.

It's quite obvious that I was drawing the speech bubbles for my humongous handwriting.  My handwriting is notoriously horrible, resembling a cross between Russian cursive and a rabid monkey trying to draft Shakespeare.  In fact, I was feared by teachers at my high school, who quickly learned to give me ample time to type even trivial assignments.

The expresso lines come from Young Frankenstein, which, surprisingly, I only was exposed to recently.  The main way I knew this minor scene was from a really old Bill Cosby VHS, in which it appeared as an ad for the publishing company before the main feature.  Man I miss VHS.

This has to be the busiest comic I've done.  All of the  stuff that just pops up...Yeah.  The chicken joke was admittedly not that good.  It was better in my head. 

At least two of the cave art pieces exist in Lascaux Caves somewhere in France.  It's amazing how much you absorb from an art history class.  Heck, we actually nicknamed that one square guy "Bird on a stick guy" due to the bird on a stick right next to him, so of course I had to throw him somewhere.

I'm actually trying for a Sunday-Thursday update schedule, but last Thursday was nuts (I had to give my mom a crash course in Java programming this week, and my dog got sick right afterward).  So I guess it's slowly becoming Sundays only.  Why Sunday?  I love webcomics, and check my favorites for updates every day, without deviation from this schedule.  Of course, this makes Sundays rough, as NOBODY updates on a Sunday.  So I'm updating this particular comic on Sunday.  :P

Also, meet Margaret.  I'm not sure what Margaret is.  It may be female.  It may be male.  It may be a holographic rhubarb that came from the beyond.  Honestly, the friend that made it up never really decided, and so I make fun of it whenever it shows up.

Mostly a filler page.  Sorry for the wait. 

I never really decided on a gender for the less bizzare slice of pizza in the comic, so I play with it here and there, as shown here.  However, at least Margaret has a little more of a clue of what's going on.  That makes it slightly easier to write.  ^.^

Also, black olives are friggin' GOOD.

Treat that last page as filler.  The fun now resumes.  This page basically confirms that these two are, in fact, evil, and therefore should not be allowed to run free.  Despite the fact that they're less threatening than the various henchmen in Bobo-Bo Bo-Bobobo.  Yeah.

The echoes in the background are kind based on an early scene in Ed Edd and Eddy (A lot of which inspired the entire comic), in which the line "Join us, Ed" was repeated over and over by several characters.  It just stuck in my head after all these years, and so I threw it in here.

Also, though this will inevitably show up on a Sunday, I'm writing this on Aug. 13th, also known as Left-Handed day.  Therefore, allow me to say happy belated Leftie Day to everyone who stumbles in here.  It's like my second birthday.  Cake for everyone!

Also, those fun size containers of ice cream that people are coming up with are among the greatest inventions ever devised.

Pretty much the last page of this storyline, just one more to go.  Yeah, ETM was pretty overpowered early on, I'll admit it.  Then again, when your enemy has the advantage in actually knowing what they're talking about...yeah.  That's it.  We'll go with that.  I also have no idea if ice really does conduct electricity as well as water - heck, I'd assume the low temperature would simply slow it down, not totally stop it.

So I've been really confused by my mom recently.  After I forgot to inform my dad about winning one of the scholarships I applied for, she asked me what we DO talk about.  I still don't know why she looked at me funny when I told her we talk about what's on TV, funny Youtube videos, Dr Michio Kaku's theory of submolecular nanoconstruction being used as an energy source in the future; you know, normal stuff.  Of course, to be fair,my dad gave me that same look today when I asked for a new set of trilingual dictionaries for my birthday.

I'm a shameless nerd.  And proud of it.

Sorry for putting plot before fun here; the next few pages aren't much funnier.  Oh well. 

Anyway, this is Spoon.  He's among the hardest characters to draw in the entire comic.  Must be the head.

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