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What ho, readers all!

I'm Sian, otherwise known as T. B., Tibby, Mouse, Mouse-chan or Truly Bohemian, depending on who's speaking to me. Um, I'm trying to think of things to say about myself... I love old things. I'm secretly an Edwardian lost in time, methinks. I love P. G. Wodehouse and all the slang he uses. I watch too much telly. I make fun of Mr. Darcy. And I draw things. Sometimes. Really, I'm just not very interesting.


Hopelessly Devoted To: My chums, these four goonsLittle Dorrit, The Devil's WHOOORE, Mr. Stephen Fry, artichokes, the epic true love of Merlin and Arthur, Mr. Mark Gatiss, livejournaling, books yes I love books, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, girls in Victorian corsets, Sebastian Flyte, E. M. Forster.