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- Born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago, for the last 10 years Broderick has lived on the northwest side with his wife and identical twin daughters. - Possibly the first webcartoonist voted full, Active membership in Mystery Writers of America. - Producing webcomics since the turn of the century. - Quote: "I've always said doing a webcartoon is a lot like performing live on a street corner. It's earthier, less finished work but I think much more rewarding. My present style is designed to be loose, influenced by artists like Ralph Steadman, Hugo Pratt and cartoonists like Chester Gould who weren't afraid to draw outlandish but believable characters. The minimal style is meant to reflect the minimal writing style best used by Dashiell Hammett.

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Odd Jobs 4 - CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION Updates erratically.

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Odd Jobs 3 - CASH & CARRY Available now at Amazon.com!
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Odd Jobs 2 - SOMETHING TO BUILD UPON The second David Diangelo mystery, complete on the web.

Odd Jobs 1 - LOST CHILD The first David Diangelo mystery, complete on the web.
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