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Tino is an anthropomorphic grizzly bear. He is currently an undergraduate math major with a minors in computer science. He has multiple personalities and will occasionally dress up as a ninja. ... more
The Kangaroo. Wally is an undergraduate transfer student from Australia and currently studies International Business. ... more
The rabbit. Nasos is a drifter and is currently trying to find a major. When it rains and you don't have an umbrella, he will offer you a trashbag. ... more
Matt is an undergraduate sophmore Engineering major. Matt and Dave are best friends and drinking buddies. ... more
Dave is an undergraduate junior accounting major. ... more
Bill is an undergraduate computer science major. He works several jobs(most notably as a sales representative and cashier) in order to pay his tuition. He's an Aussie (Australian). ... more
Supporting Cast: Allison Officer
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