Kissing Booth / 29 June 2007
If you don't know how snapping turtles work, then maybe after reading the Wiki the comic will all make sense I guess?


Firing the Catapults / 27 June 2007
This comic is notable in that it was the first one I did with my Wacom tablet! It is quite a step up in quality from my older comics.


Somewhere I Belong / 22 December 2006 to 25 June 2007
An archive of all the tolerable comics I drew/wrote during this website's first incarnation as [somewhere i belong] on the Comic Genesis website. All I can say is that I am mightily pleased that I took the time to hone my skill before diving in headfirst into a school paper, because some of those earlier comics looked pretty awful, and I would have been ridiculed by my peers? No running commentary on the older ones yet, but maybe in the future.

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