Teen Angst

The other 25% are divided between sophomores--24%--and other juniors without tutoring--1%.
My maternal family is Irish-Italian Catholic and nosier than a star-nosed mole, which is pretty damn nosy.
Unë jam Adriana. Çupe, kaka. Bukë e kors janë . . . i shijshëmë? S'e di! Unë nuk kujtoj! Unë jam shqiptare; unë jam amerikane.

(May the evil eye not fall upon you. Amen.)

Bipolar II sucks. So does Bipolar I. So do inconsiderate and insensitive assholes. Sorry for all the swearing.

It's either mono or a sinus infection or some unholy combination of the two. (I am sort of guiltily hoping it is mono so I can stay home for a month and not have to deal with people.)

This is funny because I am almost never without a bra. Symbolism, pwn'd.

It looks ugly because to have uncontrollable rage lurking under your skin feels ugly. Also, I fell asleep before I uploaded this yesterday, so I'll have a second one up sometimes later today.
...what all this means is no comics. Brain misstep, my bad!
'Sgonna be stick figures for a while, I'm afraid, but hopefully within the next few weeks everything will be back to normal.


 I am so unmotivated right now.

chris butler (captaineasy) says:

I see being a teenager has not improved in twenty years. Good luck with it.Oh yeah, that  seething red hot core of rage is tough to overcome, it never goes away, you just get too old to act on it effectively; people interpret this as self control.Great art by the way.good luck with the SAT.

                                           - Chris

Adriana (tomato-greens) says: Wow, thanks, for both the compliment and the advice.
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