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The first strip of 4 weeks exploring my impressions of France. I'm afraid these first few seem a bit condescending; I hope that is merely a minor by-product of my intent. See the blog for more about France, the election, the cheeses and these strips.

I was convinced that everyone I spoke to would agree that their impressions of Sego was much like our own Suzanne Somers. She was described as happy, older, smart, but trying to tell people they could have it all. In fact, few people I talked to (in fact, NOBODY) I talked to seemed to think Segolene Royal would be a good president. But they were all terrified of Sarkozy and so wanted her to win. It's a complex situation they got themselves into over there...

Look, the French lifestyle is unbeliavably wonderful compared to ours. If I could fully explain our American social systems to a French person, they would plotz and wonder why we weren't using that 2nd Amendment of ours to shed somebody's blood and change things.

This is a true story! Our hosts have stopped listening to the radio near their daughter, who cried for two hours when she heard Sarkozy's plans for the children of France!

And spiderman burgers all around!

Stan Yan (StanYan) says:

Tom, this series of strips allows you to write off your trip to France on your taxes as a business expense, doesn't it ;)

Tom Hart (tomhart) says: YES! But what kind of cartoonist would I be if my strips weren't informed by my experiences?
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