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Tone (Anthony Naylor), has been a freelance cartoonist since 1986. Having left school with no qualification at 15 years old, due to a misunderstanding over whether cartoons were a recognised art form as entry for examination, started on what was to be a long if stilted career.


The Derbyshire born cartoonist began his career making tea and coffee “writing and cartooning”, for ARF Cartoons, a Derby based comic publisher. After learning almost all that he could found himself given the offer of a lifetime, to become a contract in-house artist for a national children’s comic titled Acne, drawing and writing a staggering twenty-two full pages a month as well as publishing a comic of his own titled Smeg. This job amongst other lasted some seven years.


At this point in his career Tone, began an independent publishing company (Tone publications) and launched the children’s comic titled, The Big Greenie, the words first environmental children’s comic, this national publication distributed by WH Smiths and Menzies, only ran for three issues due to the above named distributors pulling shelf space and leaving Tone, bankrupt unable to compete with multi national publishers.


This lead to Tone having a breakdown and an absence of some ten years from the industry, only committing pen to paper a few times. Illustrating a book for Free Read Music and Illustration work for Lexmark International Plc.


Tone is now living in Newark Nottinghamshire, and intends to use the internet to publish his work, re-launching his Comic, The Big Greenie online as well as setting up Tone Cartoons, to continue his freelance career.