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Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

:D, better late than never

Ted has all the luck



Sorry about the user name, I thought I was putting in a password.

Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says: Oh Booster and his oneliners.
Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

Retcon?!? :D

And Ted make the save.

Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

It's okay, better a last post than no post at all.

On the post itself, panel 2 has to be the cutest badass pose ever.

Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says: I have a feeling he should listen to Skeets.
Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

The strip was sad, but you're recap was hilarious.

Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

NOO! Not Ted, not a hiatus. Why curel world? Why? WHY?




Okay I feel better now. Well if you're busy, you're busy.

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