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 Okay, so <i>that</i> was a failed experiment.  Turns out, trying to establish a schedule <i>before</i> starting a new job is not the bestest of ideas.  Life comes at me fast and stupid Mondays and Tuesdays, so here's the deal--new comics on Thursdays.  Hopefully Thursday <i>morning</i>.  Right.  Let's see how this works, then.

 Not too pleased with this page.  Beetle's little asides about the Sonic Screwdriver don't come off coherent.  And I should've made it more clear in the last panel that he's referring to the Doctor's plethora of female companions, and not the Doctor himself.  But whatever.  Chalk it up to one more of those 1,000 bad pages everyone has to do, get it up, and move on.  Hopefully, next week's'll be better.

 In other news...I'm a Librarian.  Groovy.

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