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Well.  We had a "snow day" over here (the Louisiana equivilant--"Ohmigosh, look, percepitation that isn't water!  Quick kids, run out and play in the sleet!  Scrape bits of ice from car hoods and make iceballs to heave at one another!  Don't worry, you'll feel your hands once you get back inside!"), which turned into a "spend the whole weekend with the family, running errands and doing crap."  Which in turn, turned into "Here, have a sick day.  Food poisoning?  Panic attack?  Who knows?  Have fun!"


And that's why my homework's late this time, Ms. Stresinski...

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Danial Gibson (blue_beetle) says:

:D, better late than never

Ted has all the luck



Sorry about the user name, I thought I was putting in a password.

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