Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Loving it so far!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Awww... painful...
Carol Strenkoski (carolann) says: SWEET IT IS! And the art is Great. The faces are very genuine. Love it. Wish I had one of those cupcakes to enjoy with my morning coffee.
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Good one.  Somehow those faces look familiar, but the sister is scary.
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: HaHa!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: O no... but george is so sweet...
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: AWWW!!!! Emma has a bit of a 'tude when she wants to doesn't she lol....
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Why haven't you ever made coffee cake muffins?
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Oh god...
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Something Sweet is one of those pieces of work that really shines out above the rest for more than one reason. The art work within the day to day panel is consistent and with many artists of today, many don't seem to follow though anything. The story is a rich and solid one that has a point and is going somewhere. Many online works have endless strips that seem to be leading to a dead end, Something Sweet is strong from start to finish. With each cupcake and with each pastry shown in the panels are good enough to make readers mouths water. Colors shown are solid but distinct in every strip. The only way to sum up Something Sweet is...delicious to the very last bite!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: I am starting the countdown now... 1 WEEK!
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Come back!  You can't leave people hanging like this!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: my god...MUFFIN GEAR! Its a bipedal walking tank,  capable of launching a muffin at any position on the planet. My god....
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Finally... they're back!  Love the facial expressions and the body language.  Thanks for getting back to work.  And for spelling "all right" correctly.  Can't wait to see what happens next... no more weeks off, please.
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Very cute!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says:

Great strip! Its amazing! Them cookies look really good!

Jan Katz (jkatz) says: I'm so glad that you did something sweet for valentines day.  I just hope June finds something sweet..... (hmmm, I seem to be losing my professional distance here)
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: That is so cute! George and Emma together. 
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says:

That is so great! I cant wait for the next installment!


Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Worth the wait... just don't let it happen again! ;-)
Helene Harris (heleneharris) says: so worth waiting for!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: Nice! The smile makes all the difference!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: Coffee Addicts....Not a pretty sight. The art work is getting better and better with every installment. The facial expressions with every character is jaw dropping.
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: Granny got some dictatorship in her. One minute she is telling people where to go and the next she is commanding a fleet of armies in outer heaven.......muffin gear????
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says:

The dramma is really getting insense! It is so wonderful!

Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Aw June!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says:

this story is full of twists and turns! It is getting better and better by the day!

Helene Harris (heleneharris) says: oh, Katrina, sad!  Where are we going from here????
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Uh oh...
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: painful
Helene Harris (heleneharris) says: the artwork seems to have taken a giant leap here.  Impressive use of perspective in panel 2 and interesting multilayers in panel 1.  Not sure about cupcake man's 5 o'clock shadow.  Loving it all though!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: I'm igging the 5 o'clock shadow...
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: *igging= digging
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Love the peep hole panel!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: powerful stuff. Only the bold and brave can go to place where no one wants to and tell a true story of pain and love.
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: Hello darkness my old friend, I have come to talk with you again....
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: In restless dreams I walk alone, narrow streets of cobble stone. 
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: Drama! With every installment of Something Sweet I always end up wanting more and more.
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: That is an adorable flashback!
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Noooooooooooooo!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Wo Wo Wo--- what is happening?
Helene Harris (heleneharris) says: not liking this turn of events....
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Keep the drama coming!!!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: Torturous!
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Hurry back!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: No breaks allowed!
Helene Harris (heleneharris) says: Who is in June's cell with her???
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