Something Sweet will be taking a short break, check back in a week!
Bryan Melendez (ernie) says: I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Something Sweet is one of those pieces of work that really shines out above the rest for more than one reason. The art work within the day to day panel is consistent and with many artists of today, many don't seem to follow though anything. The story is a rich and solid one that has a point and is going somewhere. Many online works have endless strips that seem to be leading to a dead end, Something Sweet is strong from start to finish. With each cupcake and with each pastry shown in the panels are good enough to make readers mouths water. Colors shown are solid but distinct in every strip. The only way to sum up Something Sweet is...delicious to the very last bite!
Juliana LaRossa (jlarossa3585) says: I am starting the countdown now... 1 WEEK!
Jan Katz (jkatz) says: Come back!  You can't leave people hanging like this!
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