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James Collier (james7344) says: When's the next one starting?
Tyler James (tyler_james) says: Hey James and other readers.  Super Seed will get a total face lift/revamp in 2010, building up to the release of the graphic novel.  I've got to finish "Over" prior to getting back to Super Seed.  Thanks for reading.  
James Collier (james7344) says:

Still waiting . . .

Norm Hughes (hermes1969) says:

AMAZING...I am also reading Over and Tears of the Dragon and, I have to say, Super Seed is my new favorite. Excellent storyline and the depth and humanization of the characters is addictive. I AM HOOKED!! I hate to see Over end(hmmmm...sounds redundant...) but I really want to see this continue. Keep up the great work Tyler!

James Collier (james7344) says:

Be nice to see something soon.

James Collier (james7344) says:

Oct 2010. Still waiting.

Tyler James (tyler_james) says:

Hey there.  Sorry about the lack of updates over here.  I've recently finished my online graphic novel "OVER" which has been the biggest thing on my plate this past year and a half. 

I've also been writing "Tears of the Dragon" and "EPIC" a new super-teen comedy book.

I'm thrilled to hear people are still finding "Super Seed" and enjoying these stories.  Unfortunately, at this point I can't say when I'll return to the Super Seed universe. 

Keep up with my comics at for what I am working on. 

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