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updated in chunks when time allows

Beginning next week I'm going to slow down the updates to once a week - every Wednesday. Sad I know. But I've had an extremely busy summer - with moving, our wedding and two other weddings on top of The Day Job and freelance work - I haven't been as productive on Nothing Better as I'd like. I've burned through my entire cushion of finished story material and instead of rushing to get more done I think it makes more sense to take the time to do it right. To make up for the less frequent updates I'll try to post more sketches and behind-the-scenes type stuff.

Cori and I will be at FallCon on October 7th and 8th. It's at the State Fair Grounds between Minneapolis and St. Paul and is always a fun, relaxed show. Come on by and get some books, prints or a sketch!

FallCon is this weekend - October 7th and 8th. Cori and I will be there - come on by and get some books, prints or a sketch!

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take your pick!

I've FINALLY gotten around to putting up some Nothing Better related prints - including these:

Click on the images to visit our STORE and help support the comic!

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