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this comic is a bit out of order - I wrote it but forgot to draw it the other day so here it is now!! those of you who have been paying attention will have no doubt noticed that this is turning into a recurring story. and if you're really sharp and familiar with my Stylish Vittles work, you'll maybe have realized that while this story does not star me exactly, it is more or less the rest of the SV story. Stylish Vittles 4 if you like. in "lite" form. I started doing this because I wanted to kind of poke fun at 'serious' indy comics like Eightball or Optic Nerve (which I DO like) and how dry they can be. while I like them I sometimes feel like they can take themselves too seriously. but in trying to do so I just ended up launching back into this story. and it got to be nice when I sat down to work on Page-A-Day every day to have something in the back of my mind to draw already. so we'll see where this goes!

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