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About Tyler Page's Comics
Every new subscriber of Nothing Better will receive:

-a web-exclusive signed fine art print

-signed copies of the printed versions of Nothing Better 1 and 2

-a signed sketch

in addition to regular, unlimted access to all archived comics pages.

I know we all love free stuff on the internet but making comics takes time and money. Issues #1 and #2 of this series are free so hopefully if you like those you'll want to continue reading the story and support my work. It's really no different than buying a comic in a store, except it's cheaper. At your local comic shop you're picking up a comic that typically has 22 pages of story for around $2.95. Here at you get 24 pages of story for $1.95 a month. It's a great deal! Your support ensures that the work keeps on coming!

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tyler page is the Eisner-nominated creator of the Stylish Vittles graphic novels and the series Nothing Better. ... full profile