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Shooting for weekly updation

00: Pilot. This was the original comic that started the series. It's really not good compared to the later (upcoming as of now) strips, both in writing and art. I'm just running the strips in numerical order for now.



01: It's supposed to be Chester. I made this comic before Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2 (PS2) came out, and I was later on proven wrong - the "Faint" cover never showed up on the game, it's only in the arcade release for the time being. If you couldn't tell, unlike the last strip this one actually was made in MS Paint, and it shows, sadly. This is the first appearance of Marc, however I'm not using that picture as his bio picture. I can do much better.



02: Crash Phoenix. First apperance of the current Vi design. She seems kind of...chubby. Also ass in the last panel. Lol.



03: The Gauntlet. I love Wal-Mart. It's like the Running of the Bulls every time I go! <3
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