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What a wonderful world!

updates, often. I tried daily...


Jewls the Lucky of the House of Fire, Guilty of Contempt
Jewls was a bard about a thousand years before this story began. He was a great bard who won many tournaments... and I'm not sure he's really convinced he's dead. ... more
Michelle Blondelle
Civil Security Agent (read.. cop) liason to Guild Security. He's 25 and was a bard apprentice at one point. ... more
Rayn Erie
A healer apprentice, he's doing all he can to complete his studies, and pass his next major exam. If he'd passed the last one... he wouldn't be working full time in a mobile phone call center. ... more
Craylish the Wicked Smile of the House of Earth
Craylish was Jewls' bard master when they were both... well, alive. ... more
Garnet the Cat of the House of Water - Guildmaster
He's the Bard Guildmaster ... more
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