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Jewls the Lucky of the House of Fire, Guilty of Contempt

Jewls was said to be the son of the goddess of luck, father unknown. That's another way to say that his mother declined to be listed on his birth record.

He was raised by Craylish the Wicked smile who loved him as much as any parent can ever love a child. Craylish wasn't a particularly good bard though.

After Craylish's untimely death, Jewls under took the journey to the Bard Master of Earth, who was Craylish's house master. To say that went badly is like saying Jewls' hair is red.

Eventually he gets his bardmark from Erin, who was Guildmaster.

As a ghost, he doesn't remember a whole lot of his life, but he's still idealistic and too curious for his own good, let alone those around him. Back to the Cast Page
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