The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles by Chuck Whelon with Adam Prosser
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What does Tina get up to before Pewfell gets out of bed? Here we see her head off to one off the lost towers of wizardly power which seems to have been occupied by a strange alien being. Having sent out it's mysterious hood monocular emmisaries it is now feasting on some of Spirekassles most eligible virgins. Fortunately one of the abductees managed to get a carrier pidgeon off before being kidnapped. On recieving this call toaction, Tina sets of right away on her wyvern. She fixes her make up as she flies over many strange lands to reach the tower. She leapes in through an upper window and attacks the pan-dimension demon, then leads the imprisoned maidens to safety via secret underground catacombs... Or was it all just Pewfell's dream???

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Animated Tina