The Weird Worlds of Pewfell Porfingles by Chuck Whelon with Adam Prosser
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These pages should give you a bit of background information on Pewfell's world...


The comic strip is set on this earth in the far, far future, obviously it's regressed to a more mediaeval society, but one that still enjoys many of the benefits of our own modern civilization. The future setting lets me get away with anachronisms and really just about anything I want to get away with.


Exploring the world

You can start exploring Pewfell's world by clicking on these links. They lead to maps and images, many of which are themselves clickable, try clicking around and see where you end up. One thing leads to another - you'll find locations, descriptions, characters and more. Enjoy poking around!

If you run fantasy role-playing games, please feel free to adapt any of these maps and characters for use in your own game. All I ask is that you keep them for personal use and just let me know about it. If you have a website associated with your game please put a link to the this site ( or even better why not run the comic strip on your your site byplacing this bit of code on your site:

<script language=javascript src=></script>

and insist your players read it every week!