This Map Key is an evolving work in progress!

258. Adventuring Equipment Outlet Superstore - Spirekassle's largest Adventurer's Outfitters, with whole floors dedicated to each of the major adventuring professions,: Warriors, Wizards, Clerics and Thieves, with special subsections for the minor professions such as Illusionists, bards, Rangers, Paladins, Druids, you name it. Prices are exorbitant and hard to find items may not be in stock, but the selection is vast, so for one-stop brand-name shopping you can't do better.

24. Airport - Dragons, flying carpets and flights of all other shapes and sizes arriving from and departing to the four corners of Midworld. Airport master is responsible for collecting taxes on imported goods. Customs & Immigration Has a large Lighthouse - on top.

25. Airport Shops/Duty Free - Mostly useless items, twice as expensive as anywhere else.

Alchemist - Professional alchemy services provided, plus supplies and kits for the budding home alchemy enthusiast.

150. Animal Trainer - and zoo keeper.

149. Antiques Alley - Spirekassle's street of antique dealers.

147. Apartments - Bridge Towers, luxury condo living, with a view.

Apothecaries -

180. Artificer/Mechanician -

46. Artist - Home of world-renown artist, sculptor and architect Chuckleangelo

197. Artworks - A rather snooty gallery, selling extremely tacky works of art. Mostly patronized by wealthy tourists from the country with more money than sense.

192. Assassin - Black Stabbins

393. Astrologer - Signs of the Times

456. Astronomer -

56. Asylum -

285. Bait & tackle -

Bakers -

270. Bank -

Barbers -

Smiths -

Boat Hire

413. Bonecarver -

183. Bookbinder -The Burning Vellum

335. Boarder's Books - the only bookshop in town - I guess there's not much call for them really.- or perhaps they're just too rare and valuable?..

111. Bowyer & Fletcher - Highly Strung

Brewery -

35. Mad Meg's Brooms- Regular and flying, new and used

391. Brothel -

228. Buckle makers -

Butcher -

Burglar - Professional breaking and entering services

Candles -

334. Cartographer -

Cartwright -

Cheese -

Carters & Caravaners & Shippers - From man with a van to intercity expeditions

212. Cloth & Linen Makers -

206. Clothier -

205. Fine Clothes -

210. Bleachers -

Cobbler/Shoemaker -

279. Codpeace Corporation Headquarters - Headquarters of Spirekassle's most ruthlessly successful business enterprise. Some of their main operations include, import/export, banking, money-lending, property development, investment, corporate takeovers and extortion. CEO Cuthpert Codpeace is the man responsible for ensuring Spirekassle remains without a Government, that way he's free to conduct his business in any way he sees fit, and can pretty much run the show without having to bother with elections, or worry about being deposed - crafty, eh?

172. Codpeace Towers - The most beautifully situated and well-appointed south-facing mansion is the private residence of Cuthpert Lord Codpeace. The compound is walled and patrolled by a private security team. It has extensive gardens and capacious servants quarters and outbuildings. Situated on the southern slopes of Snob Hill, it affords sweeping views of the lush southern lands, on a clear day it is possible to see the Ocean, and some say that with a powerful telescope one might even be able to spot the flags that flutter atom Prantem's tallest turrets.

263. Concubines -

Cooper -

262. Cosmetics -

211. Costumes -

243. Cutler -

267. Department Store -

155. Distillery

Dragonmen & Women:

Dyer -

Embassies - Ambassadors from a number of other cities are posted to Spirekassle:


169. Estate -

398. Exterminator -

Fence -

6. Firewood -

295. Fish merchants -

302. Fishermen -

284. Flowers -

1. Olde Spirekassle Forest - Has various residents including:

436. Fortune teller -

233. Foundry -

45. Huge Heiffer's Pleasure Palace - A bit of Vagus excitement right here in Spirekassle The most fun way to unwind after hard day's adventuring... not cheap though!

209. Fuller - Cloth Fuller

Furriers -

48. Games - Dice, cards etc.

Gatehouses - There are four main gates to the walled city of Spirekassle, manned and barracked by members of the local constabulary.: Customs/import tax levied on many incoming items.

167. Gemcutter -

37 Gentlemen's club -

190. Gifts -

181. Glassblower - The Stain

220. Glove makers -

166. Goldsmith -

143. Grain -


447. Guide - City Guides and Tourist Info.

Guilds -

332. Haberdasher -

322. Hardware/Tools -

299. Harbormaster's Offices and Port Authority - part of their duties include collecting customs on imported goods

327. Harness makers -

200. Hatmaker/Milliners -

64. Hawkmaster -

17. Hay merchants -

Healers -

Home - All un-numbered houses can be taken to be private residences

44. Hypnotist -

173. Icehouse -

251. International Trade Center - This large turret houses the offices of several major institutions:

191. Imported goods -

242. Ink -

Jail - See Municipal Dungeon

165. Jeweler - The Forgiving Jewel

124. Kennel -

368. Laundry -

333. Law Courts - houses both Criminal & Civil courts

161. Lawyer - Law offices and Private residence of Petronio Politicus & Co., Attnys at Law. Politicus' firm of Barristers consists of himself and his wife and a small hobgoblin who acts as his butler, personal chef and secretary. The residential entrance is on Snob Hill, downstairs, the offices face Upper River Street.

Laborers: -

Leather goods/Leatherworkers

Linkboys - attendant formerly employed to bear a light for a person on the streets at night

405. Locksmith - The Helpful Window

7. Lumber -

171. Mansion -

Markets -

231. Mercers -

103. Messengers/Heralds -

139 Mill - Millers

384. Miner - Mostly done by dwarfs in the Flintlock Hills

372. Miniatures/Figurines -

179. Mirrors -

277. Moneylenders/-changers -

374. Monument/Monolith - Great statue, similar to the ones in the bay of trader City. Builders are unknown, but it is supposed that these cities were once the twin centers of a former and greater empire.

109. Mountaineer - Equipment, supplies and expeditions organized

110. Spelunker -

117. Museum - The Spirekassle History museum is located inside the Temple of Crwm. The most popular exhibits are the collection of torture equipment, and the chamber of horrors, where the rather crudely stuffed remains of notorious criminals that expired while in the Municipal Dungeon are on display.

215. Musical Instruments -

408. Mystic -

Navigator - Air & Sea

301. Nets -

238. Novelties -

158. Nursery -

250. Nudist beach -

133. Oil merchants -

442. Old-clothes dealer - Fusty's Used and Slightly Soiled Apparel Emporium has a large and very varied selection of old clothes for hire crammed onto racks and shelves that tightly pack three three large shop floors. Like most of the businesses on South Scraper Road it's premises are dirty, unkempt and rather shabby. This is a very old building and, despite the cobwebs and dust, it appears to have seen better days. Moving staircases apparently were installed to carry customers between floors but the spells which operated them have long since ceased to function. Expensive looking wallpaper peels from the walls and impressive light fixtures hang from the ceilings, but now house only a bare minimum of stubbly looking candles to light the gloomy interior. The large display windows that front onto the street and alley steps that run up beside the shop are now mostly dirty, broken and boarded up, one or two however do contain a couple of broken looking mannequins with limbs or, in one case, heads missing. These shop dummies are dressed in bizarre combinations of clothes apparently without much thought having been given to appropriate size, race or gender. In fact the dummies are so badly dressed that people who see them are often forced to wonder if in fact these window dressings might not after all be the statement of some brilliant artiste. The wizened old shopkeeper is of indeterminate sex. He or she is dressed to match the rest of the shop, wearing clothes that were clearly once expensive and gay, but now are tatty and threadbare. Despite a somewhat formal manner, the shopkeeper, by the name of Fusty, seems like a likeable host and is keen to serve his customers every need in professional manner.

4. Olde Spirekassle Village -

170. Palace - Although Spirekassle no longer has a government or ruler, the palace still functions much as it always has. It houses most of the city's burocracy, serves as a town meeting hall, place for visiting dignitaries to stay. Convention center. Also:

162. Palace Guard headquarters -

129. Park - Doggadoo Park, as it is commonly known is probably not the best choice for a picnic.

30. Pastrycooks -

429. Pawnshop -

458. Pewfell's House - Home of that shamefully shabby sorcery, Pewfell Porfingles, his wife Tina, their offspring and a certain small blue pest what lives under their stairs.- To explore Pewfell's house in more detail, click here.

283. Perfumes -

85. Pets/Familiars -

199. Pipes/Tobacco -

70. Police Station - This is the Headquarters of the SKPD. Since Spirekassle is an anarchy, with no official government, the police Department is paid for and maintained by contributions from the guilds, the more you contribute, the better served you will be. Aside from the central police HQ, units are also stationed and barracked in the various gatehouses. Part of the gatehouse duty involves levying the proper taxes on all imported goods.

256. Porcilinist -


55. Potions -

Potter -

244. Printers -

221. Purse makers -

128. Rare woods -

160. Realtor -

116. Rentals -

240. Ropemakers -

232. Rugmakers -

Saddlers -

395. Sage - Meldin the Sage, herbs and drugs. One time employer of Pewfell

112. Scabbard makers -

148. School - Baron Samedi Memorial High is not one of the world's greatest seats of learning.

355. Scribe - The Third Ogre's Craft

448. Teacher -

Scribe - The Illustrious Medusa's Flair

Seal maker -


415. Main Sewage Drain - This is the main outflow of the City City Sewer System, from here it drains out and over the lip of the world, which is a very useful system that for the most part avoids pollution issues. Occasionally however there are strong winds blowing around the lip of the crust, and the effluence ends up raining back down, on this most depressed area of the city. However, most of the inhabitants of this region are cyclops, and no-one enjoys a good rain of sewage more than a cyclops.

293. Ships supplies -

Shipwright -

347. Slums - A small shanty town exists here, housing the orcs, goblins, kobolds and other non-humans that are denied residence within the city walls. Frankly the prefer squatting out here in squalor than living in nasty clean houses. A number of them have tunneled underground to make burrows, and many of these underground passages connect up with the city sewer system, making any enforcement of the official no no-humans within city limits policy practically impossible to enforce. Besides, orcs and Goblins contribute a lot to the local economy, so there is no real desire to keep them out, so the guards to the Mountain Gate are pretty lax anyway. Non humans legally enter the city if they are sponsored by an employer, and may even live within it's walls if their employer provides accommodation for them. There are many exceptions to this rule however, Demi-Humans such as elves and dwarves are not covered. Another notable excepting to the non-human rule are Cyclops, who due to their non-evil and somewhat intelligent natures are permitted to live freely within the city walls, and may even own businesses. The main reason for is this is that the guilds have realized that they make excellent policemen - they are strong, take orders well, are generally not too bright and don't tend to ask awkward questions.

65. Smelters - Air cooled. Has a tendency ton drop hot lava on anyone foolish enough to fly below the rim.

75. Smokehouse -

297. Smugglers -

275. Snob Hill - passing through this gate takes you into the wealthiest region of the city. The largest hill in town, atop which sits the Palace. This gated community will not allow any old riffraff to wander the streets, and the private security guards that are stationed here are under strict instructions to patrol the area and keep out any non-humans or other scruffy or suspicious types.

389. Snooker Hall -

230. Soap -

377. Spice merchants -

74. Sporting Goods -

120. Stadium -

Street Names -

54. Stonestanding School of Sorcery - Perhaps the most prestigious College of Wizardry in the known world. Stonestanding's special area of expertise is aeronautics, and global mechanics. It' unique location on a floating island just off the edge of the earth was chosen as being particularly auspicious for the study of these subjects. Sadly however the wizards have yet to determine much about the true nature of the world. Following his recent trip to the center of the world, Pewfell is in a unique position to set them straight on this, but he's not particularly font of the wizards, since they expelled him for throwing up on the examiner at his end of year exams (See PP#6). Also because of this he is technically banned from ever setting foot on the campus ever again. Plus he's just too darned lazy. Stonestanding is also headquarters of the WWBC. . Perhaps the world's largest library of magical books.

255. Sundials -

Surveyor -

Sweets/candy -

Tannery - This place emits quite a stench

72, 385, Tattooist -

Taverns, Inns, Bars, Hotels and Hostels -

Inns -

Boarding Houses -

47. Nightclub -


Stable -

330. Taxidermist -

Tea Room -

Temples & Other Places of Worship - Spirekassle has temples to most of the Major goes in the pantheon, and even a few of the lesser known ones:

Priests: - Other priests, following lesser known deities

432. The Ritzkrakker Theater -

81. Tinker -

138, 363 Toll collector - All of Spirekassle's bridges charge a toll to non-foot traffic.

193. Tournament field and fairground. - May host things like:

282. Toymaker -

Trader/General store -

350. Trinkets/curios -

357. Undertaker -

280. Used cart Dealer -

97. Wainwright -

296, 304, 305, Warehouse -

8, 11, 12, 178, 184, 237, 245, 373, Watch tower - Generally these are not manned, except in times of war

364. Waterfall Bridge -

361. Water carriers -

Weaver -

71. Wheelwright -

92. Whips -

126. Whitesmith -

189. Wigs -

Wine sellers - vintners / off licenses

354, 394, Beer sellers -

344. Liquor -

Witches & Wizards - usually prefer live in towers, often sell wizarding supplies and magic items/charms.

144. Wood sellers -

Woodcarver - Woodworkers

140. Wool -

53. WWBC - World Wizard Broadcasting Center - T he latest news, sports and entertainment going out to crystal balls all across the planet - at least that was the idea, but so far they have trouble getting a signal out to even the mainland part of the city.

Zoo -More of a petting zoo really, it consists of a goat, two rabbits and and cockatrice. There is also an interesting sculpture garden, featuring some very lifelike carvings in stone of small children.

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