My Hated Affection

T S (tesiii) says:

last panel top split.!.!.!.! Holy Crap that is a precious expression! How could Marcus even pretend to contemplate saying no to those eyes!


And I think we (if anyone else has discovered this but me) pretty much know where this is going now...

-popular guy remembers and is very happy to see not to popular guy from high school

- not too popular guy is secretly overjoyed to see popular guy from high school

- they are about to move in together...


T S (tesiii) says: oooo dishey and she's neither a lesbian nor in love with a gay guy! as long as she's in one more panel, you've broken the curse!


T S (tesiii) says: HOW COULD YOU even pretend to THINK ABOUT SAYING NO to those EYES
T S (tesiii) says: please, Marcus. can't you tell it's no coincidence how much he distracts you?
T S (tesiii) says: aww... I know that feeling. still, I'm not worried.
T S (tesiii) says: it's difficult to rationalize jealous rage
Minxy Xxx (mistressminxy) says: ha...reminds me of nights I have when everyone else has a date and im just sitting there like V_V noo...please dont go...I have halo 3...we can play it on the big screen...PLEEEEAASE...hehe
T S (tesiii) says: that is indeed a very sexy sideways facial expression she has.
Kenneth Reeves (tetramorpheus) says: Actually, pannels 1 and 3 form somewhat of a contradiction here. Private school actually restricts personal freedoms quite a bit.
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