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First missed update in the history of Backspace! What a momentous occasion!


Ok, so this is partly my fault for deciding to completely change the comic strip and only start it on Friday evening, and partly the fault of one Lyinginbedmon who you may know from www.remembercomic.co.uk

He's been a bit of a distraction, of late.

So anyways. Instead of a comic this week (although I may put this one up during the week to grovel for your mercy) I'm going to start a competittion!

Now here's the thing. I'm on twitter (@VikkieTheMimm), I'm on Facebook, and I'm even on a couple of forums. I clearly need to get advertising. Your challenge, then, is thus... I need a slogan, or a background, or a banner, showing just how awesome you think Backspace is, and making it look like a comic someone would read.

The prize (the bit you're most interested in, I'm sure) will be up to you. You can either have one piece of custom, completely-decided-by-your-specifications artwork, or you could appear as a character in the comic! There will also be 2 runner-up prizes of custom artwork, to your specifications.

3 Prizes. 3 weeks. Email entries to me at vikkie.moule@bathspa.org with the title "Backspace bumpage"

Good luck, and good arts!

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