Vikkie Moule ||   



So i don't know how many blogs I've set up and left to rot, but I'm feeling good lately, so I see this as another attempt to actually broadcast my views and arts and such.

Ummmm. So i suppose I should say something about myself. I'm 18, I'm  attentding Bath Spa University as ann undergraduate to study English Literature and Drama Studies, but I might be switching to single drama next year. A highly useful degree that will serve me well in the search for a job-haaaahaaaaaha, yeah, right.

I'm also a practicing Ventriloquist, a moderate level tap-dancer, a Pagan, and, as you've no doubt gathered, a doodler extraordinaire. All of which I will be relying on to get me money through the approaching years. My dream is to be a writer/director of films and plays, and also to act (maybe not proffessionally but I've always loved acting). Actually, my dream ideal perfect job is voice-acting. I love anything to do with cartoons though.

Anyways, I'm thinking that's me for now, I have to battle with my new walkman phone. I'm a geek at heart, but I've never quite had the patience to fall in love with these gadgets, only to be frustrated. So. I'll see you around, internet