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Nothing known about his past, he's a red-headed, scythe wielding, strict to business, little fun guy. He's currently part of Amgis' army, and has defeated Callisto, even being possessed by his gem. ... more
Natural leader of his small group, of himself, Staph, and Edge. He's the ignorant but fun-loving leader who only does his work the best he can so he can fun sooner, rather than later. Stress makes him shout out his thoughts. ... more
Teivel ~ Dark Persona
The evil persona of Corvus, he's helping Dagda protect Corvus, simply because he feels his own existence is in danger. Not one to care for danger, and one for big explosions and guns, he loves to fight or watch gory things happen. ... more
Dagda ~ Light Persona
The good persona of Corvus, the opposite of Teivel, whom he refers to Tei for short, he's optimistic most of the time, though never quites get the negativity his words often have.Not a fighter by nature, he's more of a fountain of information. ... more
Member #1
Seen once, not much is known about their leader nor what his goal is. It's presumed he's supposed to be the strongest. ... more
Eras The Bat
A bat-like maverick, who doesn't quite do his jobs right. He was supposed to protect Calisto, but failed. He is the second-in-command. ... more
Member #3
Third in command, nothing is known what it's really designed on, or whether it's a girl or boy. It is often called between interchangablely. ... more
Member #4
Nothing is known about this member ... more
Member #5
Nothing is known about this member ... more
Member #6
Nothing is known about this member ... more
Calisto The Flaring Lizard
Lizard Maverick, he was quickly defeated by Corvus. Outmatched, his gem possessed Corvus' body, changing him into a red being who could use fire, though showed briefly. ... more
Supporting Cast: Amgis Edge and Staph
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