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m/w/f updates
First comic! YES. Loved the SatC movie, by the way.
J Hall (gooble482) says: holy carp i didn't think anyone else knew obut Nightwish! High Five!
J Hall (gooble482) says: I like Amaranth and Over the Hills and far away.
J Hall (gooble482) says: thats my second favorite band. if you list Dragonforce then i'm gunna pass out
Eoin Walsh (kadur) says:

Absolutely nothing wrong with Evanescence!!

Cheesecake is a fool, Despite having a nickname based on the worlds most delicious snack!
Perla Calderon (yuzu) says: O_O oh god... I absolutelly love Nightwish!!! is my favorite band in the hole world and i also love marco he is... so cool, great!!! n___n
Perla Calderon (yuzu) says: wuuuuuu!!! i whish i had an angel!!!! x3 sooo cooooollll!!!!! my favorite song is ghost love score... beautifull...
Perla Calderon (yuzu) says: i... also... liked Evanescense... and i'm still saying that their first album is good... no matter what others say!!!! >.<
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