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m/w/f updates
Wow. Totally forgot I have to physically draw the comic in order to post it. SO. New school year and I'm still getting used to writing this with my scheduel. Honestly, it's not that busy this year so I just need to figure out how to fit this in to my routine. We'll see how this week goes but I think it's safe to assume this'll be a choppy trial week and I'll have myself sorted out by next Monday. Plus, woo! Labor day! Which will make this easier to figure out.
Brandy Stroh (spookshow42) says:




I saw this comic on his page and I loved it. And now, it seems, that by accident, i have stumbled upon YOUR page, and I must say, in the small expance of time that i've been on here, I've read several of your comics and I LOVE THEM. You rule, KUDOS.



The Karen (visdviking) says: HOLY CRAP Thank you! You are too kind.
Charlie Green (oldbogus) says: Emergency make-out? Or hormone adjustment?
J Hall (gooble482) says: Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce, and Dr. Horrible........ this comic is awesome
Brandy Stroh (spookshow42) says: This happens in my house at LEAST once a day....
Brandy Stroh (spookshow42) says: You know, I think it owuld be ok with me if you updated your comics about 468 times a day. I love it.
The Karen (visdviking) says: I sure wish I could! Thank you!
The Karen (visdviking) says: Hehe, thanks!
Perla Calderon (yuzu) says:

aaaawwwww pooor Tony :(

Perla Calderon (yuzu) says: Awwwwww i want a pony!! x3
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