David Blake ||   

I love philosophy, scifi, fantasy, and just about any combination of the three, plus a lot of other stuff too. I enjoy wandering and getting lost and discovering new things off the beaten path. This is very fortunate, since I tend to get myself lost without even trying. Frequently. Regularly, even. Sometimes even on the way to places I've visited for years, suddenly I'm staring uncomprehendingly at unfamiliar surroundings.

I dream about vampire hunters, look up words in the dictionary for fun and liked steampunk before it was cool.  My favorite color is blue.

Argon started several years ago as a character in a Rifts game that was so left-brained it would make you scream.  One fateful night, as I watched the other players launch into yet another furious argument over some technical minutae, Argon lost his mind.  Driven mad by boredom.  He started creating miniature suns and using them as lightbulbs in his lab.  In his spare time he found new ways to blow up planets, and kept a closet stocked with doomsday devices.  He built an android minion and carried a big gun called a meson stripper...

My favorite comic book villains were always mad scientists like Doctor Doom, the Mad Thinker, and Hugo Strange.  Unstable men and women who were so single-minded and prideful in their quests for power that their inevitable downfalls were almost always comical in some way.  When I started drawing my own webcomic about a villain who was forced to battle a hero gone bad, Argon immediately volunteered for the role.  Vix, Skippy, and the others soon followed to fill out the rest of the cast.

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