When good goes bad,

 Evil has to step it up.

Updated twice a week... mostly.


In his most recent bid for world domination Dr. Argon, mad scientist and super villain, has found himself in a futuristic dystopia where his arch-nemesis rules. ... more
Vix is an evil android created by Argon. Unswervingly loyal, she obeys any command he gives, unless it would hurt him. Or her. Or if she had something better to do. Or if she didn't feel like it. ... more
Skippy has been Rishon's teenage sidekick for the last 50 years. For some reason nobody's questioned the logic of it. ... more
In the last 50 years, Captain Rishon has promoted himself all the way up the chain of command to Lord Rishon: Ruler of the Earth. ... more
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