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The Amazing Arturo

Arthur Levinson was born in 1981, and lived his early life in New York City. His parents, both lawyers, expected Arthur to grow up to be a lawyer as well, and inherit the family firm of Levi, Levins & Levinson. In his senior year of college, however, when his parents began pressing him to apply to law schools, Arthur decided he did not like this plan. Rather than spending the rest of his life dealing with lawyers, he decided he would travel the globe, in the search to find even more dangerous creatures.
Arthur spent his senior year of college studying abroad at the University of Bengladesh, where he performed first-hand research on the chemical properties of King Cobra venom. After graduating college, he spent a year traveling across India on foot, training as a mahout and learning how to frighten away wild tigers in the jungle. He spent brief stints as a shark photographer, bullfighter, and crocodile wrestler, but it was while training with lions in Africa that he realized his true calling in life. Arthur joined a small circus under the name "The Amazing Arturo," but soon left the group to do freelance lion-taming.
It was then that Arthur decided to return to New York. His lion tamer gig was profitable for the first few months, as he cleaned the city streets of stray tigers and leopards and removed the occasional lion from office buildings. Of course, there are few big cats in even the largest of cities, and soon Arthur found himself out of work, forced to run a kitty day care out of his apartment just to pay the rent.
It was then that Arthur had his second realization: that man is the most dangerous animal of all. He has recently begun seeking work as a lion taming consultant, advising companies on the benefits they could gain through the application of lion taming techniques and mantras. Back to the Cast Page
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