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Lillian Wolfe

Lillian began her life as a small-town girl, born in a suburb of Kansas City, Oklahoma in 1980. At the age of 16, an event occured which changed her life: she was bitten by a stray werewolf. The werewolf, a transient drifter, was soon apprehended by the authorities and eventually imprisoned in the Oklahoma State Zoo, but Lilly had contracted Lycanthropy, and from there her struggles began. Determined to keep her condition under control, she acquired an internship with a local locksmith, turning her bedroom into a very effective cage three nights of every year. In 1997, Lillian successfully sued the state of Oklahoma for special disability status and the right to skip three days of school every month in the now-famous Oklahoma Supreme Court case Wolfe v. Animal Control.
By the time she was 18, Lilly realized that the curse of Lycanthropy was beginning to change her. She had been bold and resolute in controlling her condition and fighting for her rights, and overcoming the challenges of her new disability had turned her into a strong and confident woman. She decided that it was time to begin thinking about her future, pursuing her dreams, and so she applied and was accepted to a prestigious Ivy League school, eventually earning a Masters in finance and accounting.
Today, Lillian Wolfe works in corporate finance, and heads up a prestigious tax consulting firm. She has been proactive in the werewolf community, opening New York City's first local chapter of Lycanthropes Anonymous. Back to the Cast Page
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