Cabernet Voltaire, brewed with love by Tristan Tzara and Marcel Duchamp



Marcel Duchamp and Tristan Tzara were two of the main figures in the early 20th-century artistic movement known as "Dada," which applied principles of nihilism to art and attempted to create art that focused on nothing. Duchamp is most famous for exhibiting a newly-bought urinal as art, while Tzara was one of the founders of the Dadaist nightclub "Cabaret Voltaire"

A. Chum (achum) says: yay! go abe! :D
Avi LaVenti (avilav) says: If you ask me, Churchill had his own unique brand of Pulitzers-and-cigars sex appeal...
Avi LaVenti (avilav) says: I'm not sure original that is. The US tried that whole "Washington Mall" thing and the rest of the world still hates us...
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