Note: The Naiexor Rituals contains frequent nudity of a non-sexual nature.

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Name: Harmony (har-muh-nee)
Age: 18

Harmony showed promising magical skill at a young age, and so it was expected of her that she devote many years of her life studying to become an Archmage. She became the apprentice of Malavir at age 12 and has spent the last six years of her life following him, practicing, and learning.

Her apprenticeship is supposed to last until she is 22, at which time she must pass tests to prove her skill and determine whether she will become an Archmage herself, become a journeyman Archmage, or simply continue as a lower-class mage. At the completion of her apprenticeship, she is also allowed and expected to marry. She is betrothed to Malavir's grandson, Edan.

She trusts Malavir himself as she would trust her own father, but this trust proves to be misplaced. Harmony is killed and presented as a sacrifice by Archmage Malavir, so that he can get his hands on the Book of Naiexor. Harmony's body is possessed by the final guardian of the book, who has accepted Malavir's sacrifice as worthy. Back to the Cast Page
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