Note: The Naiexor Rituals contains frequent nudity of a non-sexual nature.

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Name: Malavir (mal-uh-veer)
Age: 74

Malavir is a widower who has spent much of the last 40 years as a master to the most promising young Skyclad Mages. He is a respected elder among his people, though he has of late developed an obsession with finding the fabled Book of Naiexor.

Malavir has a strong fear of death and doesn't believe that even a supposedly paradisiacal afterlife compares to actually living, assuming he would even be destined for such an afterlife. Because of this fear, he seeks immortality, and this has led to his quest for the Book of Naiexor.

When he learned that the sacrifice of a loved one or close friend would be required to gain possession of the book, Malavir decided that he would use his current apprentice, Harmony, as the sacrifice. Malavir did not take this sacrifice lightly, but he viewed it as a necessity if he was to prevent his own death. If possible, he would like to resurrect Harmony someday. Back to the Cast Page
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