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Name: Jennibelle (jin-uh-bel)
Age: 72

Jennibelle is a fairy who enjoys traveling the world and meeting new and interesting people. She speaks a number of languages and knows people of many varieties of species all over the world. She spends little time among her own people, because she has involved herself in the affairs of "giants" (as they appear to fairies). Most fairies prefer to stay far clear of giants, because some have been known to eat fairies.

Although she no longer spends much time with her people, Jennibelle has not rejected them, and she even takes a degree of pride in fairy customs. She was once married, but she and her husband separated amicably after their children grew to adulthood. She has several grandchildren, which gives her incentive to return home on occasion. She cares a great deal about her family, but she no longer wishes to devote her time to being a wife and mother, which has earned her scorn among some of the more conservative fairies, who see her as a disruptive influence to the young fairy women. This has earned her a bit of a reputation as impulsive and reckless, but Jennibelle nonetheless commands respect from her people.

Jennibelle possesses exceptional magical abilities by any measure, and much more than the average fairy. While fairies are naturally magical, their abilities are usually limited to what is needed to protect themselves and their children from predators and to catch prey. Jennibelle, on the other hand, went off to join the human Wizards' Guild, and over the years she has risen in rank and prominence until she became the first fairy to sit on the Guild Council. With an aptitude for all areas of magic and years of experience to guide her, Jennibelle has earned the title of Archmage and sits as one of the two Archmages on the Council. She is widely known as one of the most powerful magicians in the Guild.

Despite her power, Jennibelle is still very fearful of fairy-eaters, particularly dogs, cats, birds of prey, and snakes. She is sometimes wary of giants, particularly those whose cultures allow fairies to be eaten, but she is not generally intimidated by them.

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