Note: The Naiexor Rituals contains frequent nudity of a non-sexual nature.

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Name: Ravin (rah-vin)
Age: 18

Ravin was born to wealthy parents and has known privilege all of his life, though this has also led him to being excessively sheltered and isolated. This is especially true since both of his parents largely ignored him.

Ravin adopted his father's moral views but did not receive much of his business savvy, and so he hates dealing with such matters. Until about one year ago, Ravin had the luxury of not worrying about much of anything, but that all changed when his parents were found murdered under mysterious circumstances. He still prefers not to deal with business matters, and so he pays others to handle them for him.

Suddenly finding himself the master of his family's fortune, and out from under his father's eye, Ravin began spending money on things his father had thought frivolous wastes. He dabbled in magic under a local instructor, and though he liked it at first and continues to use what he learned, he quit because he thought it would require more time than he wanted to put in.

Lately, Ravin has been squandering money away drinking, gambling on sporting events, and paying people to perform practical jokes on others so that he can laugh from a distance. He has, as yet, not spent money on women, due to his father instilling in him the belief that prostitutes and the men who patronize them are the lowest forms of life. However, the fact that he is otherwise clueless at how to interact with women has started to erode that belief.

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