Note: The Naiexor Rituals contains frequent nudity of a non-sexual nature.

Updated sporadically.
Previously ...
Ravin caused trouble at the tavern when he paid a man to dump his drink on the head of Jennibelle, the fairy wizard who was sitting on the bar. As a result, he was spoken to harshly and kicked out by the owner, who identified himself as Drexyl.
Sorry it's been so long since the last update. I've been very, very busy lately. My update schedule will be erratic, as usual, but it shouldn't be anywhere near as long for the next update as it was for this one.
This Faery (kuroiyousei) says: I finally signed up for a profile here just so I could leave you comments.  Yay update!  I check faithfully every week, you know.  Drexyl's face in the last panel looks soOoOo evil XD
J S (lemos89) says:

This is becoming an interesting comic. Is the next udpdate going to be anytime soon? If so I can´t wait.

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