Note: The Naiexor Rituals contains frequent nudity of a non-sexual nature.

Updated sporadically.

Well, I'm back at it...slightly later than I had hoped, but only slightly.

If you have not seen the opening scene with Malavir and Harmony since I moved it into the multiple-frame-per-page format, you may want to go back and take a second look, as there were also some minor revisions to the scene (most notably that Harmony actually shut off the lights before the end of the scene).

I'm also making some adjustments to the Malavir model, so that he will hopefully look more convincingly like an old man. Those shoulders are really bugging me! I don't think anybody's shoulders look like that, even if they are skinny, but those are the result of the figure's "Skinny" morph. I may make some further adjustments to the model, but it shouldn't be anything too jarring.

Sorry this took so long. It's actually been about 85% done for a couple weeks now (!), but it's been a bit busy for me lately. And I'm still trying to get a good workspace set up for me to do these things.
Ok, so this one is really late coming. Sorry about that! I've been a bit distracted by other activities lately, but I haven't forgotten about this. I don't expect there will be quite so long a delay between this and the next update.
This update marks the end of this chapter. There will be a little bit of preparation time going into the next chapter, which may delay the next update.
Frank Masmeijer (fred) says: Any word on when we'll see the next chapter? I've been looking forward to and enjoying each new installment regularly, and I can't wait for more.
Joel McCormick (vvtgrouch) says: Glad to hear you've been enjoying the story so far. The next update is very close to done. Unfortunately, I've been insanely busy lately and haven't been able to get some much-needed finishing touches done on it (I've been wrestling with the images being too dark). That should subside soon, and I should be able to get back into updating.
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