Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

Hi, I'm Wachey, or Amanda Peña, and this is my first page for my first webcomic "Branching Out"! I'm so excited and hope someone out there enjoys it!

If you can't quite tell, the two drawn in this image are lovers.  David is the one with his hair in a ponytail and Harry is the redhead. These two characters were actually based off of a pair of characters I really enjoy reading about in DC Comics. But unlike them, they aren't superheroes, just a pair of guys.

The Godzilla and rainbow heart thing on their shirts were borrowed from:

And their shoes took forever to do *sigh* I don't draw shoes, legs, arms, and hands that often.

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Travon Serrano (von) says:

I see why people love the Couch Potatoes. By the way its me Travon.

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