Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

Above are the things David is going to be most known for throughout this comic.

First panel:

I wasn't sure what to have Harry say below in the white box, except for "Ooh, a needle!" or "I feel sorry for the guy whose getting that!" But I thought it'd be more in character of him to brag about his naughty nurse David.

Second panel:

I couldn't for the life of me decide what to color in David's dress!! But I eventually went with violet. He's not wearing a wig, but instead styles his own hair. And I had started with Harry explaining that, but then I thought he'd be too distracted by the hotness of his boyfriend to say anything other than what he does above.

Third panel:

Yes, that is a Batman: Hush image in the corner over there, and it is mentioned in the corner of that last comic. The cover of the comic David is reading is based off of a thrasher novel that is still currently in the works by my last English professor Simon Grant. And I didn't color in David's mouth, since I can't ever pick a good color for that.

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