Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

I apologize for the wait!! Work this week left me feeling drained, but I have the next five days off of work, so maybe I'll post two more after this!!

 First panel:

I had no idea what to do for background, so I just went with lines that gave a feeling of a dread. At least I hope they give a feeling of dread. I was also not sure if I should have Harry work at Best Buy, or a made up place that pretty much is Best Buy. I went with a made up place. Hm, I wonder what 'special' pictures David is referring to?

Second panel:

Originally, all I had drawn of this was the couch with three adorable couch potatoes. (Joe is the first one, and he's David's older brother. Harry is in the middle, and Will is Joe's childhood best friend. More on them later.) So I drew the rest of the background on my computer using the Paint program. That's the only art program I have, so that's why I'm kinda slow in posting comics. I went into a lot of detail, with the dvds, making the shelves align, the flatscreen tv, (which has no wires, please ignore that), the carpet shading, the plug for the lamp, and those blank looking pictures.

Third panel:

I realize Harry's nose in the first headshot looks like a pig's nose, but he's just got his head up in the air. And I'm afraid I made him more scared than whiny in the third headshot.

Fourth panel:

I did not draw those flames, but copied and pasted.

Fifth panel:

Oatmeal creme pies are technically cookies, but I was calling them by their proper title. I also wanted to have a cheery background, but I don't think you can really tell since it's yellow.

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Travon Serrano (von) says:

I see why people love the Couch Potatoes. By the way its me Travon.

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