Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

Today's my brother's birthday!! Yay!! *coughs* Anyway, sorry for taking so long to post this!! Real life got in the way, and I found myself too stressed to work on it!

First Panel:

It's just a poster. Oh, and Henry is a character that'll be one of the main characters to another webcomic I hope to make later on.

Second Panel: 

That's Joe and Will, in their business suits. What they do will be explained later on in their own introduction. If you've noticed a pattern with most of my characters names starting with the letter 'H' uh...sorry? Oh, and drawing the back of Harry's head was hard!! That hair...

Third Panel:

Harry's excited about something! I didn't know what to do about the background. Would anyone be upset if I just left these areas a blank white?

Fourth Panel:

Another poster!! And it explains Harry's excitement, as well as the title image done previously.

Fifth Panel:

Yes, I put a sidenote asking if I should put backgrounds in every panel. I'm worried the stairs are a bit small...*sighs* I had only drawn Harry running up something. So if anyone has a suggestion as to what I should've done there, please tell me. 

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