Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

Hi again! Work has been giving me more work hours, and the trucks I help unload are getting bigger, so I end up feeling more exhausted, which results in me sleeping too much. That's why I haven't updated as often as I'd like to. Anyway, onto the panels!

Panel 1:

The blue in the background is the blue of their apartment's walls. David has just gotten off of work, which is why he has some bangs falling into his face. He's also supposed to look tired, but he looks more sad...

Panel 2:

Harry has arrived!! Surprising David into dropping the mail.

Panel 3:

David is whining. Harry apologizes, but it's not sincere.

Panels 4-6:

Introducing Bruce!! The gray cat I based off of Batman. *shrug* I thought it would be cool to have a cat with Batman's quirky personality. He's an evil cat though.

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