Branching Out

Branching Out

Whenever I can

Um, it seems I'm always apologizing here, but all I can say is work left me drained.

Panel 1:

Awww, snuggles!! Here David is thinking of saying 'Yes.'

Panel 2:

Um, David's watching something that has his rapt attention here. I'll let the reader decide what it is. Here he completely forgot about the subject of pets.

Panel 3:

David is starting to get a bit irritated, but he's being calm. Also, on his plate is some grilled chicken, mash potatoes, and...pickle slices? Oh, and that can, can be either an energy drink or soda. Oh, and I didn't draw his glasses, because I wanted to see what he'd look like without them, and one doesn't need their glasses to eat.

Panel 4:

The red background and black lines  were used in an attempt to make this panel dramatic/angry. I have no idea what David was trying to dress like in this image. Maybe it's part of the sexy nurse? Either way, he's pissed at Harry for asking again.

Panel 5:

I tried to show that it's dark/night in the living room. Did it work?

Panel 6:

Oh no!! What is Bruce going to do??? 

 ETA: Um, I tried something different for panels 5 and 6. Does it look more like night now?

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